The Most Effective Garden Fence | Height, Depth, Material & More

Chicken wire garden fence with post, garden fencing to keep out animals

As the growing season progresses, gardens will start to become packed with foliage, flowers, and fresh fruits and vegetables. While we enjoy reaping all the benefits that our gardens produce, so does the local wildlife. Because of this, many gardeners choose to line the perimeter of their garden with a fence to keep the unwanted animals out. But … Read more

How Much Do Pumpkins Weigh?

Orange Pumpkins

Pumpkins play a big part in western customs and culture. From the jack-o’-lanterns of Halloween to the pies of Thanksgiving, pumpkins are being used in creative ways to celebrate festivities throughout the year. But just how much do pumpkins really weigh? I decided to find out. So how much do pumpkins weigh? When fully mature, … Read more

Why are my Onions Drooping?

Onion Plant Drooping

Onions are always a great crop to plant in your backyard garden. They taste much better when they are homegrown and are essential in countless recipes. Despite this however, growing onions is not without its obstacles. Too often, the green stems of the onion plants will collapse under their own weight and cause the onion … Read more