How much Space do Cucumbers Need?

Cucumbers growing on vine in the garden

One of the most commonly grown crops in backyard vegetable gardens is none other than cucumbers. Despite their popularity, many gardeners are unaware of how much space cucumbers actually need to grow. Cucumbers are known to grow in any the direction they please, so can be difficult to determine how much space each plant really … Read more

Black Spots on Raspberries | Causes, Prevention and Concerns

Branch of ripe raspberries in garden. Red sweet berries growing on raspberry bush in fruit garden.

For many gardeners, early summer marks beginning of raspberry season. Those juicy, red berries begin to appear all over raspberry bushes ready to be harvested and consumed. While nothing beats an abundant harvest of juicy, tart and sweet raspberries, sometimes black spots can appear on your berries making them an eyesore and more importantly, having … Read more