The Most Effective Garden Fence | Height, Depth, Material & More

Chicken wire garden fence with post, garden fencing to keep out animals

As the growing season progresses, gardens will start to become packed with foliage, flowers, and fresh fruits and vegetables. While we enjoy reaping all the benefits that our gardens produce, so does the local wildlife. Because of this, many gardeners choose to line the perimeter of their garden with a fence to keep the unwanted animals out. But … Read more

How Much Water Does Basil Need?

A close-up of basil leaves with water drops

With its countless uses in cooking, health and wellness and its nutritional value, basil has become a very popular herb for many home gardeners to grow each year. But while basil can be fairly simple to grow, improper or insufficient watering can easily cripple your basil plants and ruin any chance of a successful harvest. … Read more

White Spots on Tomato Leaves

Powdery mildew on a tomato leaf. White plaque on leaves. Close up.

Tomatoes are a classic backyard-garden vegetable that many gardeners grow every year. Harvesting a fresh, plump, bright red tomato right off the plant can be both highly satisfying as well as rewarding. However, if white spots begin to appear on the leaves of your tomato plant, the leaves as well as the tomatoes themselves could … Read more

How Many Butternut Squash per Plant?

Butternut Squash Plant

With its long shelf life, sweet tasting flesh, and beautiful orange color, butternut squash is arguably one of the best winter squashes to choose from. Because of all its great qualities, many choose to grow it in their garden every year. However, many gardeners have difficulty determining just how many butternut squash they can expect … Read more

How Much Sun Does Lettuce Need? | Too Much Can be Bad

lettuce plant growing on garden bed in sunny summer day.

Homegrown lettuce is always the best. The leafy, green heads harvested from your home garden will almost always yield a fresher, crisper and better tasting lettuce compared to the heads bought at the supermarket. However, growing lettuce in your home garden can raise some questions. For example, how much sun does lettuce need? So how … Read more

Why is My Cilantro not Growing?

Organic Cilantro Growing

Growing Cilantro in your home garden is always a great idea as it is easy to grow and has a wide range of uses. From salads to sandwiches to even stir fry, cilantro can give any mundane dish a much needed boost of flavor. However, despite the simplicity of growing cilantro, there can be instances … Read more