The Effects of Soil Compaction in the Garden

September 18, 2019 By

Soil compaction is a global issue that has resulted in reduced crop yields of between 25 and 50 percent in North America and Europe. This problem costs the US economy about US$1.2 billion every year. The adoption of mechanized farming has been a significant contributor to this issue. This article will offer an overview of the problem, causes, detection, and…


Benefits of Mycorrhizal Fungi in Gardens

September 11, 2019 By

You are busy checking the soil for proper nutrients and watering your plants to ensure they grow exceptionally. But are you aware that there is a symbiotic relationship that is happening in the hidden world of your garden soil?  Many years ago, higher green plants and the mycorrhizal fungi agreed to work together. Mycorrhizal fungi translate to fungus roots. Found…